What is KRA PIN and Why it is Very Important

When conducting business with the Kenya Revenue Authority, other governmental organizations, and service providers, a KRA PIN is required.

Personal refers to both real people and made-up people (such as a company, club, trust, etc.). A solo proprietorship will conduct all transactions using the proprietor's unique PIN.

Who is eligible for a KRA PIN?

Having a PIN is necessary if you;  

  • Are employed
  • Are in business
  • Possess rental revenue
  • Interested in applying for a HELB Loan?
  • Want to carry out any of the following transactions?

When Can I Use the KRA PIN?

The most common PIN-required transactions are as follows:

  • Registering the title, having the Commissioner of Lands stamp the documents, and paying the land rent.
  • Plan approval, water deposit payment, business permit application, and Land Rent payment by Local Authorities are all required.
  • The Registrar of Motor Vehicles is responsible for the registration of vehicles and the issuance of licenses under the Traffic Act (Cap 403).
  • The Registrars of Business Names and firms register firms and business names.
  • The Ministry of Commerce grants trade licenses.
  • A registration request for value-added tax.
  • Insurance companies' underwriting of insurance policies.
  • Customs clearing and forwarding at the offices of the Commissioner of Customs and Excise are done to make importation of products easier.
  • Deposits for power connections at Kenya Power and Lightning Co. Ltd. are paid.
  • To streamline all agreements for the provision of products and services to all government agencies and other public entities. 

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