Web Design

We recognize that a stunning and user-focused web design is a key concern in a continuously changing and more cutthroat industry. Our designers develop eye-catching, sophisticated, and conversion-optimized websites by putting a strong emphasis on the user experience.

Why Topaz Digital?

We prioritize the customer journey at every level since we are user-focused, and our expert web design team in Nairobi is constantly improving to make sure your website is at the cutting edge of innovation.

In addition to being the best, the cutting-edge thinking and experience that go into our design process are essential to the success of your online business. a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use can make a difference between a conversion and a bounce.


Structure of Information

We design site maps, navigational frameworks, and user journey maps. Wireframes are first sketched, then built and developed, adding more specifics with each iteration until we have interactive prototypes.

Front end development

We start from scratch when designing and building, leveraging what already functions as a foundation for our meticulously written code. We also keep an eye on the future, ensuring that your website has the flexibility to adopt new technology.


Responsive Design

Responsive site design—once a luxury, now standard—ensures that you look your best regardless of how your customers choose to access your site—desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

Without affecting your style or functionality, our responsive designs lets you reach your customers whenever and wherever you choose.

Flexible, safe, and simple

Our websites are flexible and have limitless possibilities. This implies that your website will keep growing together with your business!

Our systems give you the freedom to administer your website with ease and full control, allowing you to run everything from simple brochure websites to intricate apps.

Support & Maintenance

We know that a website needs constant maintenance to keep running smoothly and improve user experience. It will adapt and change as your company expands. Things evolve.

Because of this, we'll always be present to support your website with technical advice and swift adjustment.