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Cheapest African Travel Destinations for Kenyans

The following is a list of reasonably priced African travel spots that travelers from Kenya could find interesting. The continent of Africa is endowed with a vibrant fauna, stunning scenery, friendly locals, and a wealth of cultural traditions. It makes sense that it has grown to be one of the most well-liked vacation spots for travelers on a tight budget.

Ideally, your travel costs should mostly consist of airfare, lodging, and sightseeing. Traveling internationally to and from African nations can be costly, particularly if one is departing from another continent. On the other hand, you can travel to a few extremely reasonably priced African nations without going over budget on your next trip. You can discover affordable lodging, dining options, and tourism attractions in these nations.

The least expensive African nations that won’t empty your wallet are listed below.

1. Zanzibar

The archipelago is not just a wonderland made up of islands. It is distinguished by glorious sunsets, sparkling azure oceans, and soft sand beaches. With its diverse culture, delicious food, and fascinating history, Zanzibar is a place with many facets. With something for everyone, it completely accommodates the budget traveler. It is simple to travel to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam.

Best Destinations in Zanzibar

  1. Stone town, the main town in Zanzibar
  2. Prison Island, a former detention place for slaves
  3. Slave Market
  4. Kwale Island Safari Blue, which is a day boat trip to an island
  5. Scuba diving, snorkelling, and dolphin tours at the Indian Ocean
  6. Look out for the famously carved teak Zanzibar doors.
  7. Head to Jozani forest
  8. Catch some sun at Nungwi Beach
  9. Don’t forget to eat at Forodhani, which is the best part for foodies
  10. Sunset Dhow rides in the evening would be ideal for all who believe in romance. The beaches are far better than Diani, Watamu and the Kenyan North Coast.

Trip to Zanzibar by Bus from Kenya

There are two ways to get to Zanzibar from Nairobi. To go to Zanzibar, take a Tahmeed bus from River Road to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (about 16 hours), crossing the Namanga Border en route. The greatest experience is to take the SGR from Nairobi to Mombasa, transfer to Dar es Salaam via a Tahmeed bus, and then take a ferry to Zanzibar.

Cost Breakdown: Bus from Kenya to Zanzibar

Ksh 1,500 from Nairobi to Mombasa (SGR)

Ksh 4,500 from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam (via Namanga Border)

$30 USD from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar (ferry)

2. Rwanda

East Africa’s cleanest city is most likely Kigali in Rwanda. The weather in Kigali is great, and compared to Kenya, its transportation system is simpler. Visit the well-known Kigali Genocide Memorial to see why you should never trust people.

And now, since Rwanda is a small country, you might easily drive throughout it in a few days if you opt to rent a car. Given how hilly Rwanda is, hikers will love it there. One of the three countries where mountain gorillas are endangered is “the land of a thousand hills.” Rwanda is a very beautiful country. To the extent that Kigali was designated as the UN capital. The most beautiful city in Africa.

Best Places to Visit in Rwanda

  1. Kigali City Tour
  2. Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre
  3. Kigali Conventional Centre
  4. Lake Kivu
  5. Ramera SDA church (The Christ Ambassadors church)
  6. Nyamata church, where thousands were burned during the Genocide
  7. Kigali Museum
  8. Akagera National Park, The baboons in Akagera are wonderful

Journey from Kenya to Kigali, Rwanda, via bus

There are just three bus companies that go directly from Nairobi to Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali.

  1. Trinity Express: If you adore Chinese units, this is your bus. Duruma Road leads to their booking office.
  2. Simba Coach: River Road is home to their booking office.
  3. Coast Express Modern: River Road is also home to their booking office. A different choice is to travel to Kampala in the morning by Mash Poa, which departs from Nairobi. Before taking the evening Mash Poa bus to arrive in Kigali in the morning, unwind around the town.

You can take compact cars like Probox, Sienta, etc. that cross to Bujumbura if you don’t want to stay the night in Kigali. If the crossover starts at 5 p.m., you’ll arrive in Bujumbura at approximately midnight. Costs range from Ksh 2,500 to Ksh 4,000, depending on availability and good fortune. If you choose to stay overnight in Kigali, you can take the Volcano bus, which is the sole dependable bus service, to Bujumbura.

Cost Breakdown: Bus from Kenya to Kigali, Rwanda

Trinity Express tickets from Nairobi to Kigali cost Ksh 5,500; return tickets cost Ksh 6,500 or 50,000 Rwandan Francs.

Travel advice for anyone planning to visit Kigali, Rwanda is as follows:

  • Except at a few locations, the maximum speed limit is 60 km/h. There are speed cameras everywhere, so you can’t risk going over budget because you could get fined for driving too fast. If you are discovered, you are required to pay the fine within three days; if not, your automobile will be seized and you will be penalized.
  • Motorcycles are extremely disciplined and follow rules exactly like everyone else. They will make stops at zebra crossings and traffic lights.
  • This is a somewhat safe country; you can use your phone on the busiest streets without worrying about it being stolen, whether you’re walking or driving with the windows down.
  • Bribery or being terrorized by the police are not acceptable. (The cops will not accept Ksh 50/=.)
  • Motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and drivers all strictly adhere to traffic signals.
  • Helmets are worn by all boda boda riders and their passengers.
  • There are bike lanes and footpaths on every road. There won’t be any motorcycles on the cycling lane or walkway.
  • The smell of trash is nonexistent.

3. Burundi

Bujumbura, originally known as Usumbura, is the economic center, largest city, and principal port of Burundi. You cannot visit Rwanda and skip it. After arriving in Rwanda, dedicate a few days to explore Bujumbura. Because Bujumbura is located near Lake Tanganyika, the city gets quite hot. Engage in conversations with the locals while participating in water sports on Lake Tanganyika. The majority of the population speaks Swahili, which is another advantage.

It’s just five hours away. It would be like traveling from Nairobi to Eldoret. Returning to Burundi from Rwanda will only set you back about Ksh 2,000.

Best Places to Visit in Bujumbura, Burundi

  1. One of the world’s largest lakes, Lake Tanganyika, has breathtaking scenery. You can swim, take a boat ride on the lake, or just unwind on the beaches.
  2. David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley met on the banks of Lake Tanganyika, and their meeting is commemorated by the Livingstone-Stanley Monument. This historical location was important for the exploration of Africa.
  3. Rusizi National Park: This park, which is close to the Rusizi River, is well-known for its varied fauna, which includes crocodiles and hippos. Nature enthusiasts would love this place.
  4. Kigwena Natural Forest: For those who enjoy watching birds and learning about the local flora, this forest reserve is a paradise. It’s a serene area for a stroll in the wild.
  5. Belvedere Climb: Ascend to the summit of Belvedere hill for sweeping views of Lake Tanganyika and Bujumbura. It is a well-liked location for both residents and visitors.
  6. La Tempete du Kivu: Visit this well-known neighborhood market to get a taste of Bujumbura’s colorful culture. Along with interacting with the locals, you can find fresh produce and traditional crafts.
  7. Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium: Named after a significant character in Burundi history, this stadium may be worth visiting if you’re a sports enthusiast.

4. Tanzania

One of the most visited countries in Africa is Tanzania. Kenya is remarkably similar to it, but with a unique twist. Serengeti National Park, made famous by the Lion King, is home to the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro for climbers, historical and cultural attractions, stunning lakes, and wildlife enthusiasts.


Journey from Kenya to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania via Bus

Documents Needed for a Road Trip to Dar Es Salaam

  • Passport: If you don’t have one, you can obtain a temporary one-year passport using your Kenyan ID and an e-citizen account. There are cyber cafes at the border that can sort you for Ksh 350, and the process takes less than ten minutes.
  • Vaccination card against yellow fever: You will have to pay Ksh 2,500 for this, however you might pay Ksh 1,500 at the border.
  • COVID-19 certification: This is mandatory; you need to have it.

NOTE: You must have these accessories if you are driving.

  • Initial logbook: Ideally, the person whose name appears in the logbook will also be traveling; if not, a letter of consent will be required.
  • Insurance: referred to as Comesa. At the border, it will cost you Ksh 3,500.

Travel Advice for Anyone Visiting Tanzania

  • Please drive at 49 km/h whenever you encounter a sign indicating 50 km/h. They sporadically have speed guns. Traveling the distance at night is advised. Should you find yourself in custody, the police will request Tsh 30,000 (about Ksh 1,500) as payment.
  • You won’t regret visiting Coco Beach for the food.
  • Compared to beef, pork is more expensive.
  • Diesel is more expensive than petrol.
  • Exchange majority of your money, if not all of it, at the borders; the rates are really good.
  • They have M-PESA, therefore you can use Vodacom’s M-PESA agents, “Wakala,” to withdraw Ksh and give it in Tsh.
  • You can’t easily find Airbnb if you’re on a tight budget.
  • At 7.30 am, the first ferry departs for Zanzibar, and the last one departs at 4 pm. The one-way price is Ksh 1,600 (Tsh 30 to 40,000).
  • The fare to get from Nyerere Bridge to Kigamboni is Tsh 1500 (Ksh 80). At roughly the same time, you could alternatively take the ferry.

Cost Breakdown: Bus from Kenya to Dar es Salaam

Take the bus to Tahmeed. Ksh 3500 is the cost. At the border, exchange your Kenyan money for Tsh so you can pay for a motel the first night and some snacks along the road. Speak with your bus driver or conductor for help with currency exchange.


  • It will be a lengthy journey because you are crossing the Namanga border, so bring plenty of snacks.
  • Duration: 16–18 hours (this is a common occurrence if there is no speed limit from Namanga to Moshi).

Mombasa to Dar es salaam

  • You will cross the Horo Horo-Lunga Lunga border on this trip. Bus fare (Tawakal bus): Ksh 2500.
  • Time: 8 to 9 hours


Tanzania is home to the city of Arusha, which is situated at the foot of the volcanic Mount Meru. Situated approximately 100 kilometers northeast is Africa’s tallest peak, 5,895-meter Mount Kilimanjaro, which serves as a gateway to safari sites. The Serengeti National Park, to the west, is home to giraffes, leopards, rhinoceroses, and lions. Huge herds of wildebeests cross the plains in annual migrations.

Nairobi to Arusha is less than six hours away. Take a weekend off and go by car or even public transportation. A weekend is all that is needed.

Best Places to Visit in Arusha

  1. A cultural heritage center with a café, gift shop, and museum is located there.
  2. Take a nature stroll or a canoe at Lake Duluti if you’re not into that. This location is quite tranquil.
  3. There’s a lot going on here at night. Grab a few bottles of Safari, Kilimanjaro, or Serengeti lager.
  4. Take a Serengeti game drive. It’s among East Africa’s greatest game drives.
  5. Take an hour’s drive to Moshi and stop at Kikuletwa Springs.

5. South Africa

You should include Cape Town, in South Africa, in your schedule because there is a lot to see in this city. Situated on a peninsula beneath the towering Table Mountain, Cape Town is a port city on the southwest coast of South Africa. The mountain’s flat summit is reached by slowly rotating cable cars, from which there are expansive views of the city, the bustling harbor, and boats sailing to Robben Island, the infamous prison where Nelson Mandela was formerly detained and is now a living museum.

Journey from Kenya to South Africa via Bus

From Nairobi, you will take three separate buses to South Africa.

  • Bus 1: Dar es Salaam to Nairobi. Kidia One, Senior Classic, or Tahmeed Coach are your options for transportation.
  • Bus 2: Lusaka, Zambia from Dar es Salaam. Sr. Classic Coaches is a reputable bus operator that operates on this route. They travel from Dar es Salaam to Lusaka on a daily basis.
  • Bus 3: Johannesburg to Lusaka. Several bus companies, including Unlimited Gift Limited, K&M Luxury, Juldan Motors, and Royal Africa Logistics, operate on the route. They are not open every day. On Tuesdays and Sundays, buses leave Zambia for South Africa.

Cost Breakdown: Bus from Kenya to South Africa

It will cost about Ksh 23,000 one way, not including transportation, lodging, or other costs.
This journey takes about five days.

Should you choose to travel by vehicle, the following documents are required:

  1. Passport
  2. Yellow Fever Card
  3. Car Logbook (make several copies): Keep your original logbook safe. Don’t leave it at any border points.
  4. Driver’s License
  5. Comesa Insurance
  6. Covid Certificate 19

The Best Attractions in Cape Town, South Africa

  1. Table Mountain is a must-see location that provides breathtaking city vistas. To get to the top, you can trek or use a cable car.
  2. Robben Island: During apartheid, this historically significant site served as a political jail. This was where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.
  3. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront: A bustling neighborhood featuring eateries, retail establishments, and events. From here, you can go on boat cruises as well.
  4. Cape of Good Hope: Explore the southernmost point of the Cape Peninsula and take in the stunning landscape. Remember to view the lighthouse at Cape Point.
  5. At the eastern base of Table Mountain sits the stunning botanical garden known as Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.
  6. Bo-Kaap: Known for its vibrant homes, this neighborhood is home to a vibrant Cape Malay community.
  7. District Six exhibit: This traveling exhibit teaches visitors about the history of apartheid’s forced relocations.
  8. African penguins have a colony at Boulders Beach. It’s a distinctive and enjoyable beach experience.
  9. Among the oldest wine estates in South Africa is Groot Constantia. Go on a wine tour and take in the stunning surroundings.
  10. Popular for its pristine sand and lively ambiance is Camps Bay Beach. It’s a wonderful spot to unwind and take in the view.

6. Uganda

Uganda’s main lake, Lake Victoria, is bordered by Kampala, the country’s commercial and administrative center. A modern skyscraper city is surrounded by hills covered in red-tile mansions and trees. The major things to do in Kampala are socialize with the people, indulge in some matoke, occasionally use the word balance, and take advantage of the exciting nightlife. In case you ever thought Nairobi’s traffic was bad, it’s even worse.

Documents Needed for a Road Trip to Uganda

  • Passport: If you don’t have one, you can obtain a temporary one-year passport using your Kenyan ID and an e-citizen account. There are cyber cafes at the border that can sort you for Ksh 350, and the process takes less than ten minutes.
  • Vaccination card against yellow fever: You will have to pay Ksh 2,500 for this, however you might pay Ksh 1,500 at the border.
  • The COVID certificate is required.

Best Places to Visit in Kampala, Uganda

  1. The monarchs of Buganda are buried in the Kasubi Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It offers understanding into the Buganda kingdom’s past and customs.
  2. Uganda Museum: This museum features natural history and ethnological displays that highlight Uganda’s rich cultural legacy. It’s an excellent resource for learning about the various cultures in the nation.
  3. Namirembe Cathedral: Among Uganda’s oldest churches, Namirembe Cathedral is a well-known religious site featuring breathtaking architecture and expansive views of the city.
  4. Gaddafi National Mosque: With its minaret providing stunning views of Kampala, this mosque is among the biggest in Africa. The mosque and its lovely gardens are open for exploration by guests.
  5. The Kampala Serena Hotel is a five-star establishment that offers first-rate amenities like bars, restaurants, and a spa. This is a pleasant place to have lunch or afternoon tea even if you are not staying here.
  6. Craft Markets: To take in the lively ambiance and purchase traditional crafts, textiles, and mementos, visit nearby craft markets such as Owino Market and Nakasero Market.
  7. Although Lake Victoria is not located in Kampala itself, it is close by and provides chances for boat trips, fishing, and lounging on the shores.
  8. Kabalagala Market: Well-known for its street cuisine, this market is a fantastic spot to sample regional delicacies.
  9. Acacia Mall: A contemporary retail and entertainment center featuring a range of stores, eateries, and a movie theater.
  10. Makindye Country Club: A tranquil haven with lovely grounds, a pool, and recreational amenities that provides a restful diversion from the city.


Jinja is a town on the shores of Lake Victoria in southern Uganda. At Coronation Park, a garden and a monument honoring British explorer John Hanning Speke highlight the location of the Nile’s source. The Nile is crossed by the Owen Falls Dam and the Bujagali Dam. Itanda Falls, located further north on the river, is well-known for its white-water rapids. Little egrets can be seen on Samuka Island, which is located on Lake Victoria, east of Jinja.

Kampala is only two hours away from Jinja. To explore that side of Kampala, rent a car or take public transportation. Then, add a few high-adrenaline activities to the mix like:

  • Bungee leaping and water rafting
  • A safari on quad bikes along the River Nile

Best Places to Visit in Jinja, Uganda

  1. One of Jinja’s top attractions is the Source of the Nile. The beginning of the Nile River’s northward voyage to the Mediterranean Sea is known as the Nile source. There are boat excursions available from this lovely location.
  2. Bujagali Falls: The Victoria Nile features a set of rapids known as Bujagali Falls. White-water rafting, kayaking, and boat tours are all very popular here. The area around the falls has breathtaking views.
  3. Itanda Falls: Less busy and quieter than Bujagali, Itanda Falls is another stunning waterfall in the vicinity. It’s a fantastic location for anyone who enjoy the outdoors.
  4. Discover Jinja Town to get a taste of the local way of life, markets, and cultural events. You can also savor regional food at a variety of cafes and eateries.
  5. Sezibwa Falls is not in Jinja itself, although it is not too far from there. This historical and cultural landmark is encircled by lush nature and features a stunning waterfall.
  6. Nile River Explorers Club: The club provides a variety of adventure activities, like as bungee jumping, kayaking, and rafting, for those who are interested in such pursuits.
  7. John Hanning Speke was the first European to find the Nile’s source, so pay homage to him at the Speke Memorial Monument. It offers historical perspectives on the area’s exploration.
  8. Mabira Forest: If you like the outdoors and animals, you should think about visiting Mabira Forest. There are walking routes, possibilities for birdwatching, and a chance to see different types of monkeys in this tropical rainforest.

Cost Breakdown: Bus from Kenya to Uganda

Bus travel is a simple way to get from Nairobi, Kenya to Kampala, Uganda. You go there entirely on one bus. Transfers are not necessary. 12–14 hours are needed for the excursion. Both day and night buses are offered. Cash payments for tickets on this route are accepted at the ticket offices in Kampala and Nairobi. Some bus operators may allow tickets to be purchased online.

Bus companies consist of:

  • MASH Bus (Mash Poa)
  • Modern Coast
  • Easycoach
  • Dreamline

This trip typically costs between $20 and $25, depending on the company and class you select. There is air conditioning on the most costly buses. There are also VIP seats available. It is a little easier to sleep on these seats because they are larger and recline further.

MASH COOL is the name of the air-conditioned variant of the MASH bus. We refer to the non-AC bus as MASH POA. This route is served twice a day by Mash Bus. Two depart, one at 5:00 p.m. and the other at 6:30 p.m. The 5 p.m. MASH POA bus offers three different ticket options:

  • VIP class is Ksh 2,600.
  • Business class is Ksh 2,400.
  • The standard economy class is Ksh 2000.

The MASH COOL bus departing at 6:30 p.m. has two ticket options.

  • VIP seating is Ksh 3,500.
  • Cost for business class is Ksh 2,500.

To get the most for your money, it’s a good idea to plan ahead, shop around, and compare costs.

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